Mateen Ahmad, Born and raised is Maryland fell in love with cars at an early age. This was mostly influenced by his brother Mo but also was encouraged with videos games such as Sega Rally Championship and later Grand Turismo. As he got older (and got Speed Vision) he starting learning more about cars and racing.

With TV shows, such as Junkyard Wars and Horsepower TV his knowledge about cars increased. One day Mateen decided to watch an import car documentary about the local car seen called Teckademics Mischief. In this documentary, there was a large race track event called HyperFest.

At HyperFest there was an event called Drift 101, and at this event, he saw people improving a lot within a very short time. After seeing this, he promised himself that next year he would attend. He bought and car and the next year at HyperFest 05 he fell in love with drifting and the rest is history.



2nd Place – Drift Nirvana competition


1st Place RD1 Drift Nirvana Championship

1st Place RD2 Drift Nirvana Championship

2008 Drift Nirvana Champion


17th Place USDrift HyperFest


2nd Place Swing-Set Mid-Night Matsuri


10th Place overall USDrift ProAM Championship


2nd Place USDrift RD2 (Summit Point)